1.       Intentional design: minimalism is in, couples try to be more intentional and less extravagant

2025 Wedding Trends: Our guess for the next year.

Elegance is a quality of style and grace. Keeping the decor aligned with the couple's lifestyle will matter more and more. Wedding planners and designers are finding many new, beautiful ways to truly infuse people’s characters in the wedding design. We have seen more clients knowing who they are and what is aligned with their values. Those are the couples who want who they are to be reflected in the whole design.

2.       Scenery and unique venues: beautiful places

We have seen an increased interest in unique venues, a unique wedding venue could be in a somewhat hidden spot like a volcano, a private beach or a forest that the couple loves, or it could be in a typical public place like a museum or a chateau.  

3.       Flatlays of perfectly assembled invitations and details pictures are (mostly) out

No need to assemble your stuff like it used to be.  Photographers are having a more relaxed style and it looks beautiful. We are here for it!

4.       Couples want to enjoy the cocktail hour

Organization folks! Our clients want to have family pictures before the ceremony. This way, they can enjoy most of the cocktail hour with their guests. It would include a sub-point on how couples prioritize the guest’s experience too and want to include unique experiences for their guests more.

5.       Wedding week-end are still in!

At Jamila + Juliette, we have been planning wedding weekends for more than 10 years. For us, as destination wedding planners wedding weekends are not a new “trend”.  Few years ago, not all our clients wanted to have a full weekend of events (sometimes over four or three days).

Decisions on how the wedding week-end will be organized are made early

It now it appears that 90% of our clients want a full wedding weekend. The couple also have this in mind before the initial consultation. We would not say wedding weekends are the norm for weddings. Obviously, it requires a higher budget. But, for destination weddings it looks like it is. It is normal for your guests to want to enjoy more than 12 hours with you, if they travel far to be with you.

As a result, destination weddings weekends are is here to stay.

6.       Florals: fruits, vegetables and other textures even for modern designs.

People are tired of seeing the same thing all over again and wedding design is, to some extent, art. Floristry is artistic, bridal fashion is art, painting and design are art, tablescape design is art and a lot of what we do is actually artistic. Art is always innovative. That is the reason why wedding designers try new things (with their client approval of course or with the help of styled shoots ).

Fruits, vegetables, organic textures, and other material with different textures have been used for a while. However, they are now completely part of the tablescape, installations and other wedding décor. Also, we have seen a raise in floral statements: Bar, Entrance and stages.

7.       Wedding cakes and desserts are deliciously different

We still have traditional wedding cakes, but a variety of other options are taking over.

It is again because couples decide to be true to who they are and will prefer to have a dessert they actually enjoy. Also, not all couples will want cake-cutting pictures.

8.       Late night is the new normal

It is a “trend” that stays and might be here for a long time! Now couples decide to go for things they enjoy and make it part of the experience for their guests, personalizing their late night snacks and making them delicious moments to share with the people they love is something we see increasing as a lasting trend for 2025.

2025 Wedding Trends: Our guess for the next year.
In conclusion: are those wedding trends or social changes?

In conclusion, we see that getting married is a decision couples make for love more than ever, It might look weird to you to read this. But, as planners, we can clearly see a difference on why couples decide to tie the knot. In 2025, the experience is what matter the most to them. The memories, the feeling, the atmosphere. That's why design is so align with who they are, and they define their timeline to spend more time with they loved ones. Those 8 points, are our guess for next year!

Contact-us if you want to have the best destination wedding weekend in one of the most beautifully diverse place in the world!

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