Founded in 2010, jamila + juliette was born with the idea to create cool; artistically crafted destination weddings and experiences in Ecuador. We focus on planning ceremony and parties where you, your partner and your guests really feel good!

In 2022, after 12 years planning, designing, coordinating and styling events all over Ecuador under Etica events, we decided to renew our packages, services and our company name to honor family and love a bit further.

We believe that your relationship and unique personalities serve as the best inspiration for your individual wedding concept but don’t prioritize style over substance. Our team welcomes all couples with open arms.

Assyah Alfehaïd Gabrielli

My name is Assyah, I am a mom, a daughter and a wife first, but also, the funny one at every friend and family reunion and a lover of meaningful celebrations.

I am a nerd / artist / entrepreneur/ nature and animal lover, not necessarily in that order.

I love beautiful, handmade things from candles to dishware.

Loving everything about love stories and parties is what brought me to wedding planning back in 2008. To me love, friendship and family, the one we were born into or the one we make for ourselves is everything that make us humans; profound, fragile and strong beautiful humans. It brings us real happiness and make our world go round. Deep inside, I think we all know that. So that is why I chose to plan unique celebrations for my clients, couples who are not here to show off but to feel free to be who they really are on the day they unite.