Step one of planning a destination wedding in Ecuador is setting a date. But before you do, it helps to know the best months to get married! As Ecuador wedding planners, we plan celebrations throughout the country and the Galapagos Islands. Through our experiences, we’ve found that the best months vary by region.

Today, we’re revealing when you should tie the knot for a coastal, mountain, or rainforest wedding. We’re also dishing on the high and low seasons and holidays to avoid. Let’s get started!

The best months to get married in Ecuador

Best Months to Get Married, by Region

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands have the ideal climate for outdoor weddings year-round. If you’re planning a wedding in the highlands, you may want to avoid June through September. However, any month is fair game if you’re planning a beach wedding. 

Pacific Coast

The best months to get married on the Pacific Coast depend on your vision for your wedding day. The dry season lasts from June to September, so your chances for an outdoor ceremony are higher. However, it’s also chillier this time of year. If you’re after warm and sunny weather, you’ll want to book your wedding in the January to early May window.  


As its name implies, it rains all year round in the Ecuadorian rainforest. But for your best chances at sunny weather, avoid March through June, also known as the rainy season. We love the rainforest as a setting for intimate weddings and adventure sessions. 

The best months to get married in Ecuador for a rainforest wedding

Andes Mountains

The Andes Mountains cover a vast area, but we usually plan weddings in the Quito, Cotopaxi, and Cayambe regions, so this guidance applies to them. For the best weather, you’re looking at the end of May to the beginning of November. June through September is optimal because the climate is dry and sunny.

Cloud Forest

The dry season in the Ecuadorian cloud forest lasts from June to November and is the best time to tie the knot. The rainy season lasts from November to May, with February being the rainiest month. 

High Season and Low Season 

The high, or “peak,” season lasts from June to September in the Galapagos Islands. If you’re planning a coastal wedding, we recommend booking your venue far in advance because of the popularity of beach season. However, at Jamila + Juliette, December is our peak month! Since most of our couples are planning a destination wedding, they choose to get married over the holidays when more guests are likely to attend. The climate is also sunny and warm at this time.

Grounded floral arch with roses and pampas grass for an Ecuador beach wedding

Low season differs depending on the region. While December is the high season for the coast and Quito, it’s the low season for the Amazon region. 

We recommend avoiding planning your wedding during Ecuador’s major holidays, including Carnaval and Semana Santa. The precise date of Carnaval changes every year but generally falls in February or March. Semana Santa is the Holy Week before Easter, so its dates also vary, but it always falls in March or April. 

Ecuador Destination Wedding Planners

In summary, the best months to get married in Ecuador are location-dependent. While some locales, such as the Galapagos Islands, have fair weather year-round, other destinations have dry and rainy seasons.

Jamila + Juliette can help you plan an Ecuador destination wedding at the most optimal time of year so you avoid popular holidays and have the best chance of having an outdoor ceremony. We love working with adventurous couples to plan their wedding in this beautiful, diverse country. If that sounds like you, contact us! We can’t wait to hear your story and plan your authentic celebration.

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