What are the best places to Elope in Ecuador? While there are many locations where you can have a unique elopement in Ecuador, below are our favourites.

Andean Mountain

The Cotopaxi, the Altar, the Antisana and Cayambe are the best mountains to elope to.

You must be adventurous and have some trekking experience to elope at those altitudes. With the best planners and team you will surely have the most beautiful and unforgettable experience.

Also the Cotopaxi offers different options between trek and venues. The Altar require two-day trek and you will be accompanied by a small team. You sleep at a refuge. You have to love hiking and nature in general and you need to be fit to enjoy everything!

Ecuador Elopements


To elope in the rainforest, we recommend several experiences but all of them include a venue.

While we do work with communities and very very remote places, we don’t recommend those as a place to get married or elope even for seasoned adventurers it's way to wild for a wedding. Except for the Sangay volcano trek, which has a 5-day trek. La Selva Lodge and Sacha Lodge are good options.

Galapagos islands

To elope in the Galapagos islands is the experience of a lifetime but must be well-planned and scheduled. While you can elope in one of the three main islands such as Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Isabela, we can also organize unique elopements in inhabited islands and Floreana.

Cloud Forest

The cloud forest is ideal for adventurers and it’s close to Quito, the capital. You have options to trek with a view, waterfalls, or inside the forest. Also, for a very unique experience, you can have a private villa where a Chef will make a romantic dinner for the two of you. Just you two, in the middle of the cloud forest.

If you need help planning your elopement in Ecuador and if you want to have the best experience and memories ever, don't hesitate in contacting us!

Jamila + Juliette is the only company offering the full elopement and micro-weddings experience in Ecuador by fully trained wedding planners and designers. Our team is immersed in the adventure aspect and have knowledge of the most remote areas in Ecuador. While there are options to elope around the world, Ecuador is so tiny, that you can have a beautiful elopement and then a unique dinner at another place, add to that another photo session with a totally different scenery. After that, you can honeymoon in the same country with totally different beautiful surroundings and activities.

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