If you and your partner love to spend time in nature, what better way to signify your commitment to each other than with an adventure elopement? While your clothing might not be spotless at the end of the day, the jaw-dropping photos and priceless memories you’ll cherish are worth it. At Jamila + Juliette, we plan adventure elopements against the naturally beautiful backdrop of Ecuador. We’re obsessed with all love stories and helping you create your unique celebration! Keep reading to learn what to expect when you book your adventure elopement with us. 

Where Can I Have My Ecuador Adventure Elopement?

Jamila + Juliette plans adventure elopements in the Ecuadorian cloud forest, the Andes Mountains, and the Galapagos Islands. The photos featured in this post are from Diana and Kadja's pre-wedding photo session at the Antisana Volcano and Beth and Santiago's elopement at the Chimborazo Volcano. For mountain elopements, we’ll often stage the elopement at a small lodge or lake at about 3,500 meters in elevation. In the cloud forest, we like using a picturesque natural area like a waterfall or mountain overlook. These settings are perfect for taking photos! Meanwhile, our Galapagos elopement packages include a photo session on an inhabited island. 

How to prepare for an adventure elopement
How to prepare for an adventure elopement
How to prepare for an adventure elopement

How Long is the Average Hike for an Adventure Elopement?

The answer to this question depends on the location of the elopement. However, the hike will generally last one to four hours (possibly longer). In high-altitude areas, we recommend taking a few days to acclimate to the elevation before your wedding day. One of our favorite adventure elopements in the Andes Mountains is hiking to the Yellow Lagoon at El Altar! 

Why Should I Hire a Professional to Plan My Adventure Elopement? What Services Does Jamila + Juliette Offer?

We strongly recommend hiring a professional planner to ensure a smooth, stress-free experience planning your Ecuador adventure elopement. We will guide you in deciding where to elope and can help you secure a permit for your desired location if necessary. Don't underestimate the value of this service, especially if you aren’t from Ecuador! Moreover, we’ll accompany you through every step of the planning process. Not only will we provide location advice, but we’ll also recommend vendors and venues and walk you through a comprehensive planning checklist. We’ll prepare you with everything you need for your once-in-a-lifetime elopement adventure! 

Assistance with the vendor hiring process is another service of incredible value. While some couples are content to only bring a photographer on their adventure elopement, others want an officiant, a makeup artist, a floral designer, a videographer, and even musicians. Since many of the best wedding vendors in Ecuador don’t have online reviews, our recommendations will save you from countless wasted hours trying to find the right vendors on your own! When a couple books us and explains their vision, we start researching vendors and creating their custom elopement package immediately. They don’t have to worry about contacting a laundry list of vendors or ensuring everyone finds the right location on the big day—we take care of that.

Adventure elopement at Chimborazo in Ecuador
Groom getting ready for his Ecuador adventure elopement
How to prepare for an adventure elopement

What Should I Bring to My Adventure Elopement? Do I Need a Change of Clothes?

The answer to these questions depends on the type of elopement and length of the hike. If the trek to your elopement location is long, we advise bringing two outfits, one to hike in and one to elope in. However, your hiking outfit should also be photo-friendly. Most photographers like snapping a few shots along the trail before reaching your destination!

If you’re eloping in the Andes, bring sunscreen and sunglasses. The high elevation means you’re closer to the sun, and the last thing you want is sunburned skin in your elopement photos! If you’re eloping in the cloud forest, bring bug spray. Other trail essentials for any elopement location include a hat or other head accessory, a small towel, water, and snacks. If you and your partner don’t already have a celebratory meal planned for afterward, Jamila + Juliette can organize a luxury picnic almost anywhere!

Don’t forget makeup (if you haven’t hired an artist), your vows diary, and a change of shoes for the elopement portion. You can even pack stilettos if you wish, although we’ve never seen a bride be that daring! Think about how you want your photos to come across and go from there when choosing your footwear. 

Elopement photography by Daniel Sierralta, Saint Weddings
Bride holding a bouquet filled with white statice flowers and pink anthurium
How to prepare for an adventure elopement
Adventure elopement at Chimborazo in Ecuador

Can Jamila + Juliette Provide My Elopement Flowers?

Yes! We provide all the floral arrangements and bouquets for our couple’s elopements. Some couples go without flowers, while others want as many as possible (think bouquet, boutonnière, archway, and table with centerpieces). If you fall into the latter category, hiring a planner like us is crucial. We can help you find the right elopement location and transport all your flowers to ensure they look their best.

Who Are Your Favorite Adventure Elopement Photographers?

Over the years, we’ve worked with talented photographers throughout Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands to capture our elopement couples. Our favorites include Gabo from LH Film, Joel Heim, Daniel Maldonado, and Michelle Agurto.

Adventure elopement at Chimborazo in Ecuador
Elopement photography by Daniel Sierralta, Saint Weddings
Jamila + Juliette - Ecuador Wedding and Elopement Planner
Outdoor table with a mustard linen tablecloth and a pink anthurium kokedama

Ecuador is a truly stunning location for your adventure elopement, whether you feel drawn to the mountains, the forests, or the incredible wildlife on the Galapagos Islands. Now that you know what to expect, we’re excited to help you start planning this experience! Reach out and learn how we can turn your elopement dream into reality with our unique services. Jamila + Juliette welcomes all love stories!


Planning & Floral Design: Jamila + Juliette

Photography: Daniel Sierralta, Saint Weddings

Videography: Luis Enfant

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