Personalized all-inclusive wedding packages, what is it?

The cloud forest Is one of the most magical places on this planet.

The cloud forest Is one of the most magical places on this planet.

Jamila + Juliette are experts at creating unique wedding with logistical challenges, the choco andino have green mountains, palm trees a warm weather, beautiful views, lush forests and is the perfect place for adventurers and tropical nature lovers to get married.

Our elopement packages are at 7500 USD, our intimate wedding packages starts are 12.500 USD up to 30 guests and our small wedding are 17.990 USD up to 50 guests - those packages are all included but still are personalized.

Our work primarily consists in listening to you, your story, why and how you want to get married. We understood early on in our wedding planning job that listening first and foremost one of the most important skills a wedding planner should have.

That’s why, here in Ecuador, you won’t see any wedding like the ones we create. When we say each couple is unique, we completely believe it!

We are not copying other people’s work, although we, as anyone else, we can find inspiration everywhere (yes, that includes Pinterest and our favourite wedding planners/designers!) we find that most of what inspires us, is your story and the style and vibrations we perceive from you.

It is not always important for every couple to have a wedding day that is truly representative of who they are, but if it is important to you, we are the right planners. We will infuse your personality with delicacy in every aspects of the wedding ceremony rituals, music and entertainment, design and textures, flavours food and scents … we will also only work together if we both feel like we are the right fit. And we do that in our packages the only difference from our a-la-carte work is that you have to trust us and the process because the vendors we choose for you are the right one, the design will be fully personalized and of course amazing, but we make the right decisions for you.

Jamila + Juliette

Destination Wedding style

the cloud forest is one of the rarest habitats on Earth, with an astounding variety of flora and fauna

Initial consultation, design and florals, certified celebrant (see options), scheduling all vendors, contact, timeline and management of all vendors, 8 hours of wedding coordinator, bridal hair and make-up, live musicians during the ceremony, 8 hours of photography, 10 minutes of highlight, video of wedding day (short), seasonal flowers, personalized palette and style, choice of your location between a range of venues, transportation from and to the venue, fully personalized and creative tablescape, 2 cocktail per person, 4 course-dinner, light suspensions, floral installations, lounge area, live musicians during reception 45 minutes, DJ 6 hours, venue fee, venue stay (2 nights and 3 days), champagne and wine bottles.

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Included but not limited to:

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