Galapagos Daily tour



¡Visit two islands in ONE day!

We are your only and best option for yacht travel in Galapagos, as we have access to all the islands.


Galapagos Daily tours - It’s time to discover our unique wildlife and ecosystems of the GALAPAGOS ISLANDS. Known as the Enchanted Isles, they sit adrift in isolation in the Pacific Ocean, 1,000km from the coast of Ecuador. A journey filled with discoveries lays ahead of you. Uncover the mysteries of“The Enchanted Islands” alongside expert naturalist guides and share the excitement of discovering a lost paradise, where dragons walk  the lands and sirens swim freely in the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. Our experienced guides will make possible the best of the animal encounters. Enjoy our Galapagos daily tours at your own pace.
  • Monday: Bartholomew – Chinese Hat
  • Tuesday: Seymour – Bachas

  • Wednesday: Plazas – Santa Fe

  • Thursday: Santa Fe – Plazas

  • Friday: Seymour – Bachas

  • Saturday: Bartholomew – Sullivan Bay

  • Sunday: Seymour – Plazas
Are you looking to get married in the Galapagos islands ? please check this post: Destination Weddings THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDS CRUSE AND STAY: Discover the islands with a unique concept of traveling “Cruise & Stay”,  inspired in the galapagos daily tours mode, where you will navigate at day and enjoy the life of the islands at night, having the chance to have a refreshing sleep, resting in comfortable accommodations in town. In this way, we are also glad and proud to support local economies.