We may be biased, but we rank Ecuador among the top destinations for weddings and elopements! We love planning weddings here because of the open-minded people and incredible biodiversity. From the streets of Quito to the lush and remote Galapagos Islands, there is endless potential for a unique (and budget-friendly!) wedding day. Discover the top five reasons to plan your destination wedding in Ecuador!

It’s a safe destination.

First things first, Ecuador is safe. Couples usually fly into one of the major airports in Quito or Guayaquil, which have recently adopted additional security measures to protect the safety of travelers. Quito itself is perfectly safe, although we recommend taking the proper precautions to protect against theft. If you plan to travel off the beaten path to the Ecuadorian Amazon or the Andes, ensure you have the correct equipment first. 

The official currency is the U.S. dollar.

If you and your partner are from the U.S., having your destination wedding in Ecuador is incredibly simple! Ecuador uses the U.S. dollar, so you don’t have to worry about exchanging your currency. This aspect makes it easy to compensate your vendors. And since you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying, you won’t have to worry about predatory exchange rates. Another perk? Ecuador has low taxes! 

Why you should plan a destination wedding in Ecuador

It’s inclusive and LGBTQ-friendly.

For LGBTQ+ couples, finding a safe destination to wed is a whole other aspect to worry about. However, in Ecuador, same-sex marriage is legal, and the culture is very welcoming! We’re also one of the only countries allowing same-sex marriages that also allows two foreigners to get legally married. So, if you choose, you can have your official wedding ceremony here instead of a symbolic one. Then, after returning home, you can request an authentication of your marriage documents.

You have diverse location options.

What Ecuador lacks in size, it makes up for in sheer biodiversity! You can have a beach, mountain, or city wedding here. Alternatively, you can exchange your vows in the beautiful Amazon Rainforest or Ecuadorian Cloud Forest! If you plan a city wedding, it doesn’t necessarily mean you forfeit the opportunity to see more of the country. Some couples plan an entire week of activities for themselves and their guests. Others get married in Quito for their guests’ convenience and then head to one of Ecuador’s top destinations, like the Galapagos Islands, for their honeymoon.

Why you should plan a destination wedding in Ecuador

You can have a high-end wedding for a low price.

In Ecuador, your wedding budget stretches much further. For example, our team is planning an April wedding that would cost $75K in the U.S. However, in Ecuador, the couple is paying just $37K for a wedding weekend at the most expensive venue in Quito, with lots of details and transportation for their guests.

Moreover, we guarantee a quality product when you work with us to plan your destination wedding! We’re proud to say that 99% of the flowers used in our designs are a product of Ecuador. We also use locally produced textiles, plants, and other miscellaneous décor. Many couples feel they must give up a beautiful, bespoke wedding design if they travel to a destination. While that may be true at the big-name resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, it isn’t in Ecuador.

Tan beach wedding seating chart with slatted wood panel

At Jamila + Juliette, we specialize in helping couples plan their destination wedding in Ecuador. We love working with laid-back, adventurous individuals to plan their special day against our country’s naturally beautiful backdrop. If that sounds like you, send us an inquiry! Let’s bring your love story to life with a truly unique celebration.

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