unconventional wedding Ecuador

Our clients are non-conventional couples, grateful for what they have, they enjoy the little things in life and family celebrations, they have a good sense of humor and they love the outdoors.

Maybe artists themselves if not for a living, as a hobby, they want to work with us because we see them for who they are and create the special atmosphere that goes with their personalities.

We specialize in weddings with logistical challenges and unique aesthetics. and we want your wedding to be fun, that feeling of this is us, when you enter the venue for the first time.

Etiquette and extravaganza aren't really our thing (though we are all professionally trained planners).

The Experience

The most beautifully designed and executed weddings are ultimately centered around gratitude.

The design philosophy behind JAMILA + JULIETTE is everything around us is inspiring.

We find magic everywhere; in people and their experiences, in a flower, or a leave, in an old building, in a smile, street art, touching a fabric or smelling a surprising scent. We incorporate our vision to small and big details the same. We are constantly inspired nature, culture, and art.

Assyah is well known for her artful style using organic details.