As 2024, guest experience is prioritized by 75% of the couples1

Why we think prioritize your guests experience is awesome!

What I certainly consider a part of high-end wedding is the attention you, as a couple will give to your guest’s experience. It’s obviously part of your experience too! At Jamila + Juliette, we want to tell a story. Equally important, we want your wedding to be reflective of the relationship you have.

Undoubtedly, to a lot of planners, the price of the wedding is what makes a luxury wedding. To another group it's not. I don’t think luxury is purely based on budget. Part of what makes an event a unique, luxurious one is the experience and the personalization of the wedding. Of course, it involves money, but not necessarily those huge amounts of money we have in mind! Thinking about your guests experience during planning is awesome because you take care of those people you love so much. And show them how important it is to you they chose to attend. You will reflect on it, long after the wedding.

Choose your guests list wisely

Create the guest list with intention. You want to have people you enjoy talking to, dancing with, laughing with. People you truly love and who truly love you. Don’t invite someone for whom you would not be buying a 500-1000 USD gift. Why does it matter for the overall experience? You want your guests to have the best experience; each additional guest lower the general budget for other important things. This lower the quality of the experience. Secondly, having the best of the best people (for you) will allow everyone to feel loved and welcome.

Give your guests all the information they need before the wedding

Having a wedding website with all the information necessary to travel and organize their trip is a must! Being able to obtain the information early is part of the experience. Let your website be full of information about the venue, the rehearsal's attire, the dress code for the wedding day, the stay costs. It allows your guests to be prepared and know what to expect once here. Good communication is the key of having your guests experience the wedding week-end fully!

Includes transportation for your guests

The weddings we plan includes lots of logistics and not so accessible venues. Allow your guests to enjoy the wedding week-end by including the transportation for them. Even if it's only a 10 minutes ride, it's nice of you to take care of it. Not giving your guests transportation can look like you did not think about them. Shuttles from your hotel to the wedding ceremony and reception and to go back are unbeatable.

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Have personalized welcome bags with a welcome letter from you!

Beautifully personalized welcome bags elevate the guest experience at a wedding. Welcome bags show your guests’ time and effort to join your celebration is appreciated. It is also a way to give information about the location. Each item inside the bag is carefully selected to bring comfort, joy, and inform. It sets the tone for what’s to come!

Have a well-made and intentional seating chart

Having a seating chart helps guests find their seats easily. A seating chart avoids bad dynamics between people. It avoids 30 minutes of your guests searching for the best seat at the best table. You should always have a seating chart even for small weddings of 40 to 50. A good seating chart shows your guests you thought about their wellbeing. Make it intentional, including details that remind you of each person who will be attending. Tell them how important they are to both of you by personalizing it discreetly. Plus, a seating chart, if beautifully made, will surely make a big impression at the reception entrance. A really nice touch is a place card with the guest’s name on it.

Have an open bar

During the cocktailhour, it’s nice to have signature cocktails and a signature mocktail is fun for non-drinkers, and children too! An open bar is also very cool and a nice experience for everyone. Maybe it’s not possible to have a full open bar with everything. Your planner can help you can find a compromise.

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Ask for songs in RSVP

Asking which song they would like to hear at the moment of RSVP is really cool. Guests like it a lot, it feels that they are included. If you are having a small wedding, take time to dance with several of your guests especially the older ones. Dancing with them on the song they asked is something adorable. But you don’t have to stress about it.

Late night snacks

Late snacks are great, we already talked about it in a recent post on how to keep the party going. If you know your crowd well, you know who's gonna need some snacks! After several hours and drinks, add to that a lot of dancing, your guests will be hungry. It’s a nice touch to think about it. They don’t need to ask for anything or just stay hungry all night.

Additionally having bathroom baskets is really nice. Mints, mouthwash, Kleenex, hygiene products and more, it is useful. For Andean weddings have blankets or heaters if the weather is expected to be colder during the day or evening. And for the pacific coast cold water when the weather is very hot.

Having your guests enjoy the evening, is part of the wonderful memories and experience you will cherish, contact us for the most wonderful planning experience!
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