When talking about a completely personalised design there are many (hidden) costs that come into it:

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1. HOURS OF PREVIOUS RESEARCH AND DESIGN: As planners and designers we go hours working on the design before anything is even approved by the clients. It means questionnaires, design calls, creating a design board totally unique (that means hours of searching the correct images, doing sketches and mockups).

Weddings: The hidden costs of floral design and design

2. WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND RAW MATERIALS: The cost of floral arrangements include the raw material which are flowers, greenery and anything else that we use. If we want beautiful high quality florals, for a wedding with elegant and not an extravagant pompous style, we have a certain cost on wholesale flowers even if it's not roses everywhere. Quality over quantity!

3. FURNITURE, PRINTS AND TEXTILES DESIGNS: Before making furniture, printing textiles or menus we work on sketches and use the entire Adobe suite, AutoCAD and more ! Haha, hours of design go into the big and small details before approval - to explain it, it is the second time we work on design, this step goes after the first design proposals to understand the client vision, which transforms in the booklet approval from the client. From which we begin designing details one by one. 

Weddings: The hidden costs of floral design and design

4. FLORAL MECHANICS: When we design and make your florals it includes mechanics which is the term "for devices and techniques that help to secure materials and create stability in a floral composition" and when something like hanging florals, arch or big installations are made for the event, we have to create most of the base too. Even more when the design is a no-foam design. 

5. LABOR COST: Labor costs represent people who do the job!

Weddings: The hidden costs of floral design and design

6. DELIVERY AND GAS COSTS: When you plan and design with several vendors, we have to go to meet or see if the fabric goes with the design, if the raw material is the good one, if that design is as it looked, we use delivery to receive items, send them back ... We have to use our car, our time etc. On the wedding week, the design is delivered days before and we work until the wedding day (morning) ... Then we take it out the day after, not before having taken back small details, cleaning up and making the breakdown on the wedding night itself.

Always take into account that into a wedding design as unique as you are, you have many not so hidden costs that will raise the final cost of it all. It is not (in its majority) that wedding vendors like to give high prices because the wedding industry is "like that", it actually involves a lot more work that it appears to be, it comes without telling that there is also a huge responsability on wedding planners and designers to deliver the absolute best each time!

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