Why choose us

Why choose us?

We’ve done it before!

We know that, at first, our pricing might look expensive but if you stop a few minutes to read this, we will explain why it only looks like it. You won’t be charged more on any additional, because we have planned weddings in many remote locations and venues before, and we know how much it work it implies; we also know the best vendors real fee to each place we recommend. Talking about vendors, we only work with the best vendors, and the ones that suit your style and budget. And it has a cost. Yes, we could find a photographer half the price and the same with the DJ but you won’t be happy with the result.

We are passionate and friendly people.

We are not the typical wedding planners; we smile a lot and laugh with you, make a joke or two during planning, and will always remain kind, even if you go through a hard time. We want you to enjoy planning, almost as much as your wedding day. We won't be forcing you into one trend or another, that tradition or this rule but we will explain exactly what is possible and what is not. On your wedding day, you won’t see us running around with a talkie-walkies. We make sure everything is on time and ready just as planned. We want to welcome you with arms wide open.

We make it easy.

That is another reason why you should hire us: we make it easy! You won’t have to worry about anything. Our packages are all included and if you’d decide to add one vendor, you will only pay their extra fee. We have planned many weddings in the Galapagos Islands, where we make it look easy, when the logistics is very complex. You can trust in relieving you from the stress of doing it yourself.

Everything we do is personalized

From menus, to cocktails, from complete design to prints and from flowers to music and more. We are expert at sur-mesure and would not do it any other way. We want you to feel like your day is exceptionally yours, meaningful, fun and fabulous!

That is why each wedding we do, is very different in style and atmosphere (you can look at a few of our favourites here). It’s our attention to the small stuff, our creativity, we love to DIY a lot of items, the scheduling of timelines and strong management that makes us stand out from the rest.